Dominic at Home Inspector Pro is making this offer to all who donate $100 to Cozy Coats for Kids

“Post on the forums that anyone that donates $100 to Cozy for Kids today and then contacts me with their receipt will get a coupon code for $300 off of Home Inspector Pro + Mobile” - Dominic

If you are interested in Home Inspector Pro + mobile, now is your chance to do well by doing good.

Make the donation at and then tell Dom at that you did.

His email is:


Thanks Nick! For everything you do

That is a great discount! Thank you!!!

that’s very generous of them.

Thanks Nick. This is a great way to get a tax write off and get great software at double the normal InterNACHI discount. Forward your donation receipt from today to and we’ll take care of you!


Awesome! :wink::grinning:

Not interested in HIP. But I did donate $120 today.

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Merry Christmas Everyone
Happy 2021 c