Double pole breaker?

On todays inspection, there was a double pole, 30 amp. breaker with only one hot lead coming off of it. The AWG wire was # 10 awg. Another circuit can be ran off the other leg, provided that the neutral, white wires, are separate on the ground bus bar, which they all are.
Copy of 30amp.JPG

Copy of 30amp.JPG

A CH single pole 30 isn’t typically “truck stock”, so I suspect the installing electrician just bit the bullet and used a 2-pole 30 and just wasted a pole. Not a thing wrong with that, really. Might make an inspector pause for a second, but it’s okay.

I’m curious what that circuit served? A 30 amp, 120V Recreational Vehicle receptacle is what normally comes to mind for 30 amp, 120V circuits.

Interesting enough you should QUESTION the application because as Marc has stated…do you know WHY a 120V 30A circuit is being used…we can assume a recreational vehicle receptacle but I dont see one so we have to ask.

What is it labeled in the panel ( as if it even labeled at all…lol )

I do this all day long as a plans examiner…constantly asking engineers what their intent was behind things that are not clear…lol

That is another issue, the panel is not labeled correctly. It says it goes to the water heater, but there was no hot water. this is another bank owned home. I have be doing alot these inspections lately.

Is the home plumbed for a hot
water heater and is there a outlet for
the electrical side? Or capped wires?


Yes there is a hot water heater. Not sure about your other ?