Double Pull

At an inspection yesterday I saw two hots from the same service wire where the hots were split into two breakers but there was no double pull for killing power.

I wondered if you have any advice on how to write that up in a report, what the safety concerns for that would be and if its something that has to be immediately remedied.

Thank you for any help or advice!

I wouldn’t write it up at all if the two breakers are side by side, 12 awg or smaller, and they are labeled as separate circuits. They are both separate 120V circuits with a shared neutral. If however it is labeled as a 240V circuit, it would need to be on a 2 pole breaker. A photo would help here.

Multi wire branch circuits (MWBC’s) are circuits that share a comon neutral on two opposite legs of 120V. These DO require a handle-tie under most circumstances.

Brad please be careful If not sure it is better to not answer ,
See post above Jeffery is correct .

You’re right. I see the NEC addressed that safety issue in 2008 to ensure the two breakers would always be on a different phase and not have part of the branch circuit energized while working on the other half.