Can someone give me the recommended spacing for downspout attachments.

Depends on the type and size of the gutter, and the size of the downspout. For normal type gutters, there are 2,3,and 4 inch rounds as well as rectangles like 2x3, 3x4, and 4x4. There are also larger rounds and rectangles but you normally only see those on commercial. Of course the size and style of roof as well as the house footprint will also matter.

NORMALLY, I expect to see a 3x4 at each of the 4 corners of a square home. More as the size of the home increases. Then there are additional downspouts when there are multiple roof planes.

You also need to take in to account the climate. Here in the Pacific NW, you need more than a SoCal home.

With all of the above being said, it’s not a home inspectors job to determine if the home has a gutter system that is properly sized for any home in particular (note: gutters are not even required in most jurisdictions)… but… the general rule of thumb is… there should be a downspout for every 25 linear feet of gutter run (roughly 400-500 sq/ft of roof plane).

Note: I learned that ‘rule-o-thumb’ while living and operating in the PNW (Pacific NW). :wink:

Thanks guys but let be rephrase the question. What is the recommended vertical spacing for the attachments holding the downspouts. Sorry for not being specific enough the first time.


commonly seen 2 for each 10’ or less section usually within the 1st 1’ from each end-transition
many mat. mfr. instruction-sales lit. recommend no more than 60" apart
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Just enough to keep it in place. 3-4 ft spacing.

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No I don’t. But I have a continuous gutter machine and my crew goes out and puts it up every single day.
If I understand the OP question. He is asking about the downspout attachments to the wall.
Here’s an image of one we did a couple of months ago. That’s the only one I have a picture of in my phone.

We make our own downspout brackets.
I’m only talking about residential gutter systems here. We do commercial we have to buy our super gutters we don’t have the die for that

so you customarily attach to foam quions
that’ll giterdun huh

Yes we just use longer screws.

Thanks for the input guys.