Drainage question

I have just added dirt to create a good slop around my fron and side block foundation wall, to aid in drainage. Now I have a question rearding the use of gravel. I have been told to put down weed control paper and then add the grave. But won’t this allow moisture to come in thru the paper and be trapped? I have also been told to just use the gravel. I have bought 5 tons of number 57 gravel.

Some one else said to put down a layer of gravel, then the paper and then more gravel. To add more confusion I have heard to put down 6 mil plastic or roof felt, then the gravel.

I am a “little” confused to say the least, so I thought I would check with the pro’s…

PS, I am not interested in growning any grass, flowers, tree’s etc. around these areas.

Many thanks in advance…

Landscape fabric and gravel provides low maintenance landscape.

Grading slopes should be 1 inch slope away from the building for every 48 inches of non-permeable surface. 1 inch slope away from the building for every 12 inches of permeable surface.

Swales help direct water around the building.

French drains should be atleast 15’ away from the building.

If hydrostatic pressure is an issue against the foundation then drainage board and damp proofing can help direct water to the drain tile, if any.

Hope this helps.

If you have a basement and your attempting to improve grading around your foundation, you do not want to add gravel to this exterior foundation area. This gravel placement will allow water to seep faster (through the gravel) and seep down towards the footing drainage (if equipped) and eventually this water will work it’s way into your basement.

A slab on grade is a whole different situation.

If it is a basement as said above you do not want to add gravel you want to add soil to create the slope as gravel will allow the water to drain down not run away from the foundation.


Can you read?

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