Draw Inspection Company list…

Hi Guys and Gals,

Do you have a good list of Draw Inspection companies that pay decent and are good doing jobs for…


Define ‘decent’.
I know of a few inspectors that do them at $7 ea and rave their praises about them!
Don’t believe me? Search the archives, although I would bet they’re out-of-bidness by now!!

$50 to $75 or more…. Is typical payment

I do some for one bank. I set the fee. This is “about” where I am… Base price is $85 per subdivision (and they are within 5-10 miles of me) and that $85 includes the first house/property. Additional properties in the same subdivision are an additional $15. I have a list of them I need to do next week. Three different subdivisions with a total of 37 properties. So not bad for about 4-5 hrs of work. the worst of it is verifying on the new builds that we are actually looking at the correct property because many are just bare lots, but once you verify, it is done with about 3 clicks on their mobile app.

Don’t be afraid to make them pay so you can make money. You need to set the price! they will always try and have you do them for next to nothing. Set a base minimum like I did for each subdivision/area.


Good to know… yes I set my fee at $150 in my areas with some draw companies… if they are rushed to get the report in, they’ll pay me.

Other times they pass me up…

By Draw Inspection Companies do you mean quick picture taking, occupancy verification for foreclosed or reverse mortgages etc?

Construction phase inspections …. I meant for draw inspections

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I managed to beat $100 out of one company but I’m on Maui and it’s pretty slim pickings for them. 50-75 seems average.

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That’s good to know…. Land Gorilla is a good draw company … I get $150 sometimes if they are desperate for a fast inspection.

Just a word of caution: Always check out the company or (Who) you are doing these for and work directly for the Mortgage/lending Company. I did one for what I thought was a legitimate person but turned out to be a flake that was actually subbing out the inspections for a mortgage company (of which I did not work directly for). He Would Not Pay! I posted about it probably about 3 years ago…If I can locate the crooks name/ or post, I will post it as a warning.

Was this dirtbag based in Florida? I performed a few for a crook down there, and always battled for getting paid. Eventually, he simply stopped paying me, and was unable to contact him/her. I finally stumbled across him on social media. He started a NEW company and was going after new victims!
Like you, I will post the info if I can find it. It’s been about 5 years or more since.

Almost positive it is the same guy (aka dirtbag) And yes almost positive he is in Florida. We may have talked about this in a previous post a few years back about him changing the name or company.

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What rate would you recommend for commercial draw inspections? Here are a few examples that I run into.

Hotel - new build
Hotel - remodel
Apartment building or condos - entire site - may include business as storefront
Apartment building or condos - select units, not the entire complex

Hope you or someone can make a suggestion!

I just got them to go $150 for some inspections here on Maui. I regularly get their emails but the fee they offer is a joke @ $45. I’m happy at $150 as it’s getting into the ballpark of what I make doing regular inspections. Dealing with the POC (point-of-contact) can be a PITA and take some back and forth but otherwise the inspections are pretty easy.

Got $350 over here. But this is a high cost area.

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Hmmm… I might have a bit more room. Is that with Land Gorilla? It doesn’t get much higher cost than Maui.