Drip Loop Neutral Disconnected


I saw this while looking at roofs the other day.

The neutral wire is diconnected at the service entrance drip loop connection. I’d recommend this be corrected, but I’m wondering, what are the implications/risks if the home owner ignores this? Everything seems to be running normally in the house right now.

Your comments are appreciated.



drip loop.jpg

They have some very serious issues here. If there are any 120 volt circuits in that building then the return path has been compromised.
The return current is either going back through the grounding electrode which would be a metal water pipe or they don’t have any 120 volt circuits.

If the return path is in fact open then the building is now a 240 volt series circuit.

This needs immediate attention!!! [FONT=Verdana][/FONT]

Thanks Joseph and Jeffrey for the info. I should have found that previous thread first. Anyways, lots of info there to help better understand the situation.
All circuits “appear” to be operating normally inside the house. The grounding electrode is a metal water pipe. I might go over today and see if that grounding electrode is energized. In any event, I’ll make sure they call to get that fixed right away.

Thanks again,