Anyone know the code that requires a driveway to drain water away from the house and foundation?

Thanks, Charlie

Irc R401.3

Thanks Jeff,
That’s the same one I came up with. I wasn’t sure if there was anything more specific.



Their is a two ways to remember the proper pitch and grade away from the house and that would be 1 in 20 which relates also to ADA requirements for an inclined grade and matches the Code and Commen sense on any Contractor/Builder to know that water has to be sent away from the foundation. A lot of times the Contractor might not do the ground work and might be the reason for improper drainage, or it is the Contractor for establishing the height of the foundation with a negative grade.

I guess this is why we do what we do, to keep things in order. ha. ha.

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The driveway may not need to drain away from the house if it has a proper drain. Not in all cases can the builder provide a positive drain from the building, but if that is the case then a proper draining system needs to be installed. Got Pics?

That’s covered in the referenced section. . .

**R401.3 Drainage.
**Surface drainage shall be diverted to a storm sewer conveyance or other approved point of collection so as to not create a hazard. Lots shall be graded so as to drain surface water away from foundation walls. The grade away from foundation walls shall fall a minimum of 6 inches (152 mm) within the first 10 feet (3048 mm).