Drone Test question problem

Taking Drone course now, 93% finished and taking test. I have a major problem figuring out what a question like: What topic does A.2.1 of Appendix A. cover? or Which of the following topics does B.6 of Appendix B. cover? What does this mean and where can I find answers to this? Help

They will have an Appendix for you to look at when taking the test.
However, do what I did and you will pass easily…

Thanx for response, but still no answer. I hope you don’t get my questions, I’m going crazy, There has to be an answer, anybody help

Did you download the course pdf? I don’t think so!

A.2.1 Identifying Personal Attitudes Hazardous to Safe Flight. Hazardous attitudes
can affect unmanned operations if the remote PIC is not aware of the hazards, leading
to such things as: getting behind the aircraft/situation, operating without adequate
fuel/battery reserve, loss of positional or situational awareness, operating outside the
envelope, and failure to complete all flight planning tasks, preflight inspections, and
checklists. Operational pressure is a contributor to becoming subject to these pit-falls

B.6 sUAS Frequency Utilization. An sUAS typically uses radio frequencies (RF) for
the communication link between the CS and the small UA.

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Did I give the the info you were looking for?

I don’t remember any questions like that on the real test. Not too much nonsense memorization.
Lots of “look at the map attached, how high could you legally fly to inspect the tower 3.2m sw of jonesville regional airport?”

Plus some random stuff about “if you are a foreign national on a green card visa visiting the great lakes could you fly a red drone licensed in dubai?”

I am grateful for you’re reply, and no I did not download the PDF, but I will. Thanx for Identifying the specific question ie A.2.1… but my question is more how to find it and where to look. As an example could you walk me through to this A.2.1. question thanx. Also good to know it’s not on the “real” test lol

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Download the pdf . Then use the find feature and “Find” A.2.1…Do this for all you want it “Find”.
It maybe on the test.

See video…To find what you are looking for in a pdf.
drone.wmv (1.1 MB)