Dry ice blasting?

Inspecting an attic today I came across a roof deck and rafters that looked like they had been sanded smooth. There was also the strange black marks which appeared to be a tar like substance. It was pliable…at first I thought it was char from a fire.

My hunch is this attic, which has poor ventilation by the way, was dry ice blasted to remove mold/mildew. Has anyone seen the results of dry ice blasting and does it look like this. I’d like to have an explanation for the condition.

Last photo is just for fun…there was a nice depression in the roof on the exterior that raised some suspicion.

As usual, I am eternally grateful for any insight!

some pictures


Roy This is one of the reasons you get so much flack. Here the op is clearly wanting information on the effect and appearance of wood surfaces after dry ice blasting. You clearly quickly googled dry ice blasting , selected the first information and posted the link to photos. Unfortunately none of the photos or information in the link apply to the posters question. Photos and company deal with machinery not wood.
Not helpful or germain to the op,

Thanks for your opinion … Roy

Sorry I did not see where you had added any info on dry ice Blasting .

Try here for more info on Dry ice blasting on wood .

** Dry ice blasting** sure does a good job on Cleaning things


That information is precisely on point and I am sure the op thanks you for that.

Dry ice blasting is a new one for me. The black stuff in pic one looks like roofing tar aka roofing cement.

That is what I concluded. It was soft and pliable like elastomeric roof patch. I don’t know why it was just in that area. I guess someone didn’t understand you have to stop leaks on the outside of the structure.

As for the dry ice blasting, I went out on a limb and suggested that was the reason for the appearance of the wood in the attic based on searching photos like Roy provided. It was the only thing that made sense to me. I don’t know where I even heard of or saw it being done but I’m glad I did otherwise I would have been totally stumped.

Thanks for your input gentlemen.