Dryer secondary lint traps

I am looking to install a secondary lint trap on my dryer line.

Most require a booster fan. The length of my dryer vent is about 15 feet.

Anyone know of a decent secondary trap(without a booster fan) to install on vent line to use as a clean out so I do not need to disconnect from the back of dryer?

I see ones on the Holmes Inspections but I can not locate online or his site.


Something like this?:

Thanks guys,

My dryer is electric as the 2nd one states not to use with gas.

I need to read more closely on the booster fan requirements.

I can’t imagine why You would want to further restrict a dryer vent David…I always recommend people completely remove them and clean them out from time to time if they can…

The reason is so I do not need to completely remove the entire line and I can maintain with the secondary lint trap. My line is not that long and the restriction would be minimal.