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West Chester, PA –

The West Chester, PA Office of Mr Dryer Vent identifies a problem occuring within the Laundry Room of most Homes.

80 percent of all homeowners have clothes dryers, yet less than 22 percent are aware of the necessity of routine Dryer Vent Cleaning.

“Most Homeowners do not consider the Laundry Dryer Appliance as a fire hazard,” says Nanci Hagarty, Owner of Mr Dryer Vent

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 17,000 dryer fires annually occur resulting in Deaths, Injuries and nearly $100 Million in Property Damages each year.

Failure to clean the Dryer Vent System is the leading cause of a resultant fire, followed by an improper installation of the Dryer Vent duct.

Many people do not even realize that the Building Codes have changed over the years. Currently all dryer vent systems should be of a rigid metal piping terminating at the exterior of the building envelop because of the fire hazard.

Mr Dryer Vent Service Technicians see potential fire hazards and lack of system maintenance every day. Removal of Nesting Birds and Squirrels are quite routine.

All of our Technicians have the expertise, training and skills to bring all existing dryer vents to current compliance with applicable Building Codes.

Many of the Condos and Homes that we service, are using white vinyl or flexible foil dryer vents that are not in compliance with current Building Codes. All Service vehicles are equiped to make most repairs at the time of scheduled service.

Our technicians routinely replace non-compliant vents with smooth wall metal ducting to provide compliance with current Building Codes.

Nanci believes promoting consumer awareness is the solution to the problem and is active with several referral based communities within the service area.

She is dedicated to educating consumers along with other Contractors in order to provide an important home maintenance service.

If the Laundry Dryer (Gas or Electric) takes more than one cycle to dry articles of clothing, you may have an obstructed ventilation system. Increased need for drying times of clothing (additional cycles) is an indication of a maintenance need for the vent system.

As Spring approaches, the number of home fires increases.

Nanci encourages consumers to be sure their dryer vent systems are up to code according to the State & Municipal Code as well as Appliance Manufacturer guidelines.

When contracted, a Mr Dryer Vent Technician will do a complete inspection of the Laundry Dryer Appliance and Ventilation System and will explain their written findings to provide solutions (where necessary) to make the Dryer Appliance operate more efficiently and reduce the risk of Fire.

Dependent upon the age of the Appliance and/or Home, some additioanl repairs may be needed to bring the installation up to current building standards. Most repairs can be completed at the time of the contracted evaluation service.

Delays and/or interruptions of the routine use of the Laundry Equipment is minimized due to all of our service vehicles are inventoried to facilitate most Residential and Commercial Repair needs.

A recent Fire in a Community within Malvern involved a Home that was currently under a Sale Contract.

A simple maintenance item neglected can have devastating consequences…


Good one, seen lots of clogged ones, now if we can just get some of those contractors out there to stop going up with the vents !