DryerVent Wizard: If these were nearly free, would you give them to your client?

I’m trying to determine if we should print these brochures for DryerVent. Would you want them to hand out to your clients or not?

No. I make local connections and they give me similar materials for free.

If you want to make them available then I would say yes.

Score: 1 to 1 so far.

Why would my dues go towards making a private company money?

Makes no sense to me…THEY can print them and give them out…that would be acceptable, but please do not use my dues to subsidize another company and their business.

If I were to get them for free, would you want them to give to your clients?

Sure why not…

Nick, I would definitely give them out. Not only is it helpful to my clients ( I always recommend that you they clean out dryer vent), I am always glad to help a fellow business owner. I think it is a win-win for everyone.

We as a group would prefer it to include heating vent and kitchen duct cleaning as well plus must have a local branch to be approved by :

“The Council of Men”

Hows that Nachi “air filter” program going?

Great marketing tool as an annual follow up via USPS mail, to keep exposure. Would be cool if we could customize with our logo as a ‘brought to you by’ deal, but beggars can’t be choosers


No. They can use this instead.


Yes sir

so we can start handing these out now? I have a client now that needs a cleaning. They work in Florida, right?

Will they pass out my business cards for my company?

The local company I refer to for dryer vent cleanings, consistently recommends me to local realtors.