Duct tape on post tension end

All of the post tension cable is wrapped with duct tape on the fixed end. My training on this specifically said not to use duct tape here because it’s not waterproof and will fall off and I found a bulletin from PTI that specifically warns against using duct tape for post tension cable repairs. I know these are not repairs but the concept is the same. I usually pass on pre pour inspections and this is part of the reason - everyone does it like this. In this case the builder wins home builder of the year locally every other year. I know I need to find a way to track down the super on one of these jobs but wanted to see if I could get feedback in the forum.


Welcome back Anthony, the cables will last long enough to sell the house :slight_smile: It’s Texas, Yeehaaaaa! The engineer of record needs to sign off on any such repairs.

This will answer your question:

Yes it is incorrect. Especially if it is supposed to be an encapsulated system.

Thanks Simon. That’s the PTI bulletin I referenced in my post. I need to track down a super or engineer on one of these to discuss.

The cables arrive precut… my suspicion is that they arrived too short and so they just did a duct-wrap-special at the ends :slight_smile: Were they wrapped like this on perpendicular cables also or no?

I think it was mostly just the fixed ends. Maybe a couple of inches on the stressing ends. I’ll seek out a super on the next one and revisit this post but for now, I’ve added a great comment to cover numerous areas on the pre pour and I really appreciate it. “The engineer of record needs to approve such repairs”. That’s a great catch all and it applies to all the times there is no lateral bracing on the attic trusses.