E and O questions

Had the same $1,000,000 E & O coverage for 5 or 6 years same company costs me around $2500 a year. Never had a claim. My deductible is currently $5000 and is going to be raised to $6200 when i renew in September. My insurance rep tells me that the deductible needs to stay high because people are more inclined to sue you if they know you have insurance. Most people won’t bother pursuing you if you dont have any insurance, his exact words. Asked about lowering the e and o coverage and he says it has to match the million I have in general liability. Last, if I change insurance companies all of the inspections I have done over the years under their insurance are only covered for 60 days. So if someone were to sue me for a problem a year ago I would not be covered.
I need some advice, dont want to stay with this company.
Thanks guys

Never had it and never needed it for the last 17 years. I don’t have it for the very reason he gave you. The “Bullseye” factor.

Had insurance for first three years not since not been needed …Yet. 12 years

For 60 days.
Very enlightening.

From a very well known Massachusetts home inspector…

That steady stream of money is not from the insurance agency.

Talk about tin hats and crazies but the fact is there are many conspiratorial plots when it comes to big business and money.

Insurance guy and Lawyer (raise rates) (drag out court suit) Higher rates = more money for Insurance company and more money for Lawyers to hit it rich.

I can only imagine how much is earned in kickbacks under the table.

I’m curious did you find a clause in the contract that bears out that 60 day limitation on their liability on future claims incurred during your period of insurance?

No Brian I did not