E&O Insurance Requirement in Texas: Finding Affordable Insurance?

I am a new inspector in Austin, TX. I am working to put my business together and have hit yet another road block, E&O insurance. I am having trouble finding an insurance company that will provide me with the coverage. I have received a couple quotes and the premium was a minium of $2500. Where on earth can I find more affordable insurance for an inspector just starting out in TEXAS?

Superior Insurance Services
Janice Smith

I pay $1200 a year for E&O.


Can’t find your name in the TREC inspector database. What is your license number?

If, as you indicate, you are a “new” inspector … you premium will be very high.

New inspectors are in the “high risk” pool for most all E&O providers.


Nolan E. Kienitz
Plano, TX

I pay just about $1000/yr

Brett Byland
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Cody, I agree…Superior Insurance Services was by far the least expensive for first-time home inspectors. After financing charges, I think I pay around $130 per month for the minimum TREC requires, which is all I can afford at the time… Barbara Robertson was very helpful to me…and she will send all the appropriate forms to TREC for you as well. [FONT=Arial]size=3 423-2300 Ext 226. Received my professional license just a few weeks ago. Went through the same merry-go-round with insurance companies…hard to get E&O if you haven’t performed inspections yet, however you can’t get your license until you have the insurance.

Nolan, as you probably know, we need to show proof of E&O to TREC before they’ll even issue a license…so it’s likely this is where he’s at.

Good luck to you!


Nolan, Kevin is right, finding the E&O insurance is where I’m at. Until I have proof of insurance I wont be issued an active license. I called superior today and they seem, so far, to be pretty affordable…