Earn some money.... We need photos for our upcoming course on Trees!

**InterNACHI needs photos of trees! A new course on tree inspections is almost finished! To supplement the content of the course we need some nice high-resolution photos of trees. Take a look at what we are interested in below. If you have a photo you’d like to send, email it to me directly at tanya@internachi.org using the highest resolution photo you have, as well as a description of the photo. If we use your photo in the course and/or if Nick adds it to the www.nachi.org/gallery we will pay you $10. So be sure to include your email address!
Here is a list of what we are looking for:

  • A healthy tree
  • Rot or decay on any part of the tree
  • A dead tree
  • Insects on trees or at the base of the tree
  • Any trees being supported by cables or poles

Roots/Base of Tree**

  • Normal tree roots
  • Cracked, cut or rotting tree roots
  • Mushrooms or Fungus at the base of a tree
  • Frass – a sawdust from insect invasion


  • Cracked, broken or decayed branches
  • Branches that make abrupt 90° angles
  • Infected leaves


  • Co-dominant trunks (2 trunks equally supporting a tree)
  • Cracked or broken trunk

Any other safety hazards, irregularities, damage etc.

Here’s a few.

I have some cool tree pics… coming soon. One of the east coast guys please take a pic of that mansion on the curve on A1A with the banyon trees growing clear across the property. I know I have pics of it, finding it will be another story .

I have a few good ones just from my place.
If I feel better tomorrow I’ll take some for free. I have a bad nasal thing going on today.

Save the money for helping someone else out :slight_smile:

Here’s one, if you can use it.

From a few days ago.

one more

Send me the address so I can see if it is near me. I have decent gear and will be able to send them what they want. I have done quite a bit of photography work in the past.

Here’s two…



And another…


Yep. Those darn white birch in a snowstorm. Hazardous, really hazardous. :shock:

I am still sick ahhhhhhhhh. This sucks :frowning:

Thanks to those who have posted! We have some nice images here! From now on, please email these photos to me at tanya@internachi.org. Our forum has a limit on image size, so that is probably why these images didn’t show up Jeffrey. You can email me them.

Email sent.

Heres a pic of our dead Sienna Glen Maple. According to our local arborist, it froze this spring.

Just looked it up on google maps it is 1500 S Ocean Blvd Palm Beach… really cool old Banyon tree. House built in 1927, 6 bedrooms, 11 baths, 8 half baths, 60k SF, 40K SF under air, 3k SF of garage, and one very cool old Banyon tree spanning the driveway at the entrance.;-):cool:

Just noticed that was building 1 there are 2 other buildings listed. and a tunnel I’m guessing goes under the road out to the beach side pool house. :wink:

It only lets me put one picture per post. I have like 5 or 5 .

Bees in a tree. The inside was hollow and a monster nest honey bees.