Eaton Breaker rated for two wires?

Can anyone point me in the right direction to look up the ratings for these Eaton BR combination afci breakers? I’m trying to determine if rated for use with two wires but cannot put my eyes on anything on their website or on the technical data sheet (TD003001EN) about it. No info on the manufacturer label about it. I seem to recall something about that flat plate at the connection terminal, but I don’t want to assume… Thanks!

I just pulled a new one out of the box. There is nothing that indicates it can be use with more than one conductor. The side of the CB only shows single conductor torque values.


Interesting - thanks for taking the time to do that!

You’re welcome. Here’s another view of that Eaton BR circuit breaker, you can see that there is no other indication of multiple conductors being permitted.


Nicholas, this is what the termination plate looks like for 2 wires:

And there is info on the breaker , as Rob said:


Typically if it is a set screw directly onto the wire you cannot use two wires. Because then it would hit one wire more so than the other, which would leave the other wire slightly loose and could cause arcing. Only the type like the QO from square D allow it.


Correct and I believe Cutler Hammer has a breaker like that also.

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Eaton Cutler-Hammer has breakers listed for 2 conductors also.

None of the ETN BR breakers are listed for 2 conductors. Only the CH and CHP type, single or two pole (not three), 30 or under amps, standard (no GFCI/AFCI, switching neutral, etc…). Simple as that :slight_smile:

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