Egress Question

Did an inspection where the garage had been turned into an efficiency.
Garage/house door was blocked off.
Side exterior door was main entrance.
Overhead door was removed and replaced with French doors.
French doors were blocked by the bed and not accessible.
Side door was only means of egress.

P5040045.JPG (18.9 KB)
Question is, shouldn’t there be two means of egress, in case one is engulfed in fire?

Yes, 2 means of egress are required, but I don’t believe the egress in this case would be any more difficult than from a window with a 44" high sill. I assume the door is operable.

Jim King

Yes the side door is operable. But it is the only access, no other windows or doors are operable.

It was built with the required egress. The occupants decided to obstruct one of the exits. Simply recommend moving the furniture. . .

Florida IRC Code requires only 1 egress door per dwelling unit.

The dwelling unit already has one egress door: the side door.

The french door is uneeded for additional egress provided there is an emergency escape and rescue opening for this sleeping area as James King cited.

The bed is not a fixture.