Electric water heater set up

I would like to get some feedback as to this electric water heater that is connected to boiler water coils also. There seems to be a circulator pump or similar device at the bottom of the electric water heater, cold water inlet on top and hot water pipe out, But there are pipes from the boiler also feeding the top that I believe is allowing the boiler to supply the tank with hot water and maintaining the temperature via the electric elements in the water heater. Is this a correct assumption, and why not have an indirect heater instead of electric heater.

Maybe they use the electric in the summer when the house heat (boiler) is off…

That could be a reason I assume. Odd, but ya never know.

Newly installed electric water heaters are normally trouble free. The most common problem with electric water heaters is a burned out upper heating element (“Dry Fired”). The upper element will burn out if the tank isn’t completely full of water when the power is turned on. Fortunately, replacement elements are widely available and are not expensive.

Looks to me that its a pump to keep the water hot at taps; no waiting for hot water as it is circulated.
Electric WH have slow recovery rate and would not be any good for heating in my opinion.