Electrical - main panel wiring

This is a first for me… It appears when the detached garage was added, it was wired at the main panel single disconnect along with the home subpanel. Your insights please?

Refer to a qualified electrician for proper repairs…

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What Jim said^^^^^…the terminations are not listed/labelled for two conductors.

Not designed for two wires, and they are different sized also which
can make them come loose more quickly.

A breaker or neutral ground bar is considered “double tapped” when two or more wires are connected to the hot terminal or bar. Many circuit breakers and bars are only designed to hold one circuit,
and adding more is dangerous.
Double taps are problematic because they make it so the circuits cannot be isolated.
So, if work needs to be done, the electrician is going to have a tough time.
But, the main reason double tapped panels are a huge issue, is because of their connection.
While they may seem like they’re holding on tight, they can become loose at any time.
And when they do it can lead to overheating, arcing, and even a fire.

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What are those smaller conductors feeding downstream?

So what happens when the smaller gauge feeders are overloaded and the 200amp breaker does not trip? :shushing_face:

No worries!
That will never happen as long as you don’t operate the arc welder in the garage… … …

You do have a point, “electrcian” installed it like that and it has been fine for 20 years.

Detached garage.

If the detached garage has a main OCPD and these conductors are run outside then this could be code compliant under the unlimited length tap rule. In order for this to be code compliant the connection to the existing feeder would have to be proper which currently it is not.

Thank you, all!

My Guess would be a Fire…