Energy auditing equipment for sale (blower door, duct blaster, CO and gas detectors

I have taken a job with a major company, so I’m shutting down my business and selling my equipment. Everything was purchased in May 2010. I’m selling a blower door, duct blaster, CO detector, combustible gas detector, and all accessories including storage/transportation bags for everything. The blower door was used about a dozen times. The duct blaster was used once on my home to verify it worked; it’s not been used since. I am asking $3750 for everything below:

Minneapolis Blower Door with DG700, Tectite software, cruise control cable
Duct Blaster with calibration plate and it’s own DG700
Foam blocks for sealing registers
Hose Kit for Blower Door/Duct Blaster
Smoke Puffer Kit
CO detector
Combustible gas detector

I paid over $5000 for all this equipment. I’ve priced aggressively to sell quickly. The electronics may need calibration service from the manufacturer, which I think runs $75. Price is before shipping. First come, first served. Paypal, credit card, and money orders accepted. Please let me know if you have any other questions or to make an offer.

Ray Kaltenbach

Thank you for your interest. The equipment has been sold. I can’t find a way to delete this listing. Moderator, please feel free to delete it.