Energy Auditing equipment for sale

I am preparing to retire this fall, and wanted to offer InterNACHI members first shot, before Craigslist or EBAY listing.

Thermal Imaging Camera - Milwaukee Model 2260-21 M12
w/160x120 resolution. Lightly used and in excellent condition. Includes a charging station,Qty. of 3 - M12 batteries,and I’ll include a 2G card with it. $1300…Retails for $2700

Blower Door - Complete Minneapolis Model 3 w/DG 700 pressure gauge. Excellent shape and clean. Red and green ¼” hoses included
and all three rings C,D, and E in the price.
You will need to get the DG700 recertified since the 2 year certification has passed.
The blower door frame is also included $1200… Retails for $3000.

If you have any questions, email me, and I will try to answer them as best I can. If I ship stuff, I will ship it for the actual cost, when PayPal invoice is paid.
Email me for pictures of anything else you would like to see.

Thanks Steven I hope your retirement is as enjoyable as ours and you remain as healthy as we have .
Please stay In touch and share you future and thoughts with us .
All the best Roy

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What Roy said!



Damn… we’re gona need a “Retired Inspector’s” section to the MB soon! :razz:

All equipment has been SOLD.:(:wink:
Thanks for all your kind words.

Glad for you thanks for telling us … All the best …Enjoy Roy

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Still available ???