Energy Loss: Leaky Ducts

Here is a “Cool” image of leaky ducts.



Photoscape to combine pic’s? :slight_smile:

That is a good leak find!


It’s awesome.


Kevin great photo. Q. is that an exterior wall or adjacent to a garage.



This is an interior wall, which was adjacent to a utility room with a split-system. The main plenum ran across the length of the wall seen in the digital image.

This home had been renovated and this section was an addition. It was very odd, but the main plenum had two legs going into the wall cavity. That’s where you see the cool air dispersing from the ends of the duct legs. The “pattern” of the atypical thermal anomaly is consistent with cool air flow (leaking air).

The image below depicts another atypical thermal anomaly consistent with mis-applied insulation. This is the ceiling (flat roof) area of the utility room adjacent to the bedroom in the previous image. If you look closely at the digital image, you will see the main plenum in the background.


What software is Photoscape? I’ve been looking a software to show both pictures the same size without distorting the IR image.


Just go here:

and download the program.


Kevin - Great post!

I saw your Photoscape reference on another post and downloaded it. It is a super tool - does many things, like resizing pics, arranging overlays, etc., and I have used it a lot already (having it just a few days…). Thanks!

My RAZ-IR takes one photo, but both images are taken and stored at the same time (IR/nonIR) and print that way on a report. It takes the need out of moving, resizing, etc.

I also joined the network you suggested. Thanks… the more we can communicate and learn the more we can communicate and learn!

You, by the way, have the best HI website I have seen. The one downfall - an interested client could spend all day there and miss your inspection… only kidding. I was interested to see that your logo is similar to mine. Don’t know who zoomed who, but yours probably pre-exists mine, oh, by a few years!

I get out your way a couple of times a year. Not often. Growing up in Kensington I am familiar with it, though things have changed so very dramatically. As a young Boy Scout my troop used to camp just out Rt. 28 only a couple of miles from 270! This would be 1964, 5, 6 - in there - but it was farm country then… the only building out there was the Washingtonian Hotel. Now you can hardly see that building!

Maybe one day we will meet. Thanks for the post!

Various energy research groups have been stating for 15-20 years now that in standard residential duct systems, from 20-40% of the air moving through the air handler (fan) does not come from or go to the areas it was designed for!!

Inspected a “supposed” low energy home (owner designed and built) last week-end that was just under being average. House had PV panels, windmill, battery storage bank, net electric metering, geothermal heat pump (COP: 3) with ground loop, HRV, catalytic high efficiency wood fireplace (EPA Phase II certification)…all with a poorly designed and executed house thermal shell!!!

HP/AC ducts were uninsulated and barely sealed with high velocity mastic at corners only.

A comparison of their electric bills with my own for similar families and house size showed that this house saved $30-50 per month for an extra investment of about $35-$45,000 or more…a simple payback of 50-70 years!!! And there were signs that they had burnt a fair amount of relatively cheap fire wood.

This guy had ideas about energy efficiency and conservation but never really consulted an energy expert…a new trade or specialty niche just like plumbing, electrical, etc.

As far as I know, my client is going ahead with the purchase, accepting the house as it is. He wants the 13 acres that comes with it to establish a vineyard and winery!!!

The wine should help keep him warm.:mrgreen:

Say brian just had to post this photo.

Residential duct systems, from 20-40% of the air moving through the air handler (fan) does not come from or go to the areas it was designed for!!

Your words are on the money.




That little bit of leakage should be “no problem” since by the label it’s a high efficiency unit…so owner can afford to lose a little!!!