Engaging Realtors as Partners Workshop at InterNACHI's 2023 Professional Inspectors Convention

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Join us for “Engaging Realtors as Partners” with Licensed Real Estate Broker John Gillam at the 2023 Professional Inspectors Convention. Taking place October 12-14, 2023 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This class will look at how to effectively work with real estate professionals, as well as non-traditional bases of business, while effectively building a top-of-mind business model as efficiently and affordably as possible. Attendees will learn to leverage today’s technology not just in performing their inspections but also in how they review their inspection reports with their clients, which will help to connect and retain your book of business into the future while protecting your intellectual property. It’s important to know how to relay that information to both the brokers you want to work with and the buyers and sellers you engage.

Register today :arrow_right: nachi.org/convention