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I love it.

@bgromicko1 Ben, I understand that the InterNACHI Pay is not through InterNACHI. I also believe they are not a scam. I’m considering the deal because it sounds pretty sweet. I’d like to find out who they are, since they are not in Affiliation with this great association but use InterNACHI in their name. Can you do some checking and get back with me please?

I don’t believe you all would advertise a company that you didn’t believe in. The thing that gets me is do you see the resemblance between InterNACHI and InterNACHI Pay? Almost identical. How then can they not be connected? I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on it, but I will check in from time to time for a reply and see what you have to say.

Wishing you all at InterNACHI Headquarters the very best. Stay safe.

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Correct, @maltizer. Some companies use InterNACHI’s name, and not always with our permission. But I believe InterNACHI Pay is Bill Janis. Not quite sure. In general, it’s best to dive deep into any company that you may want to use, and staff can’t do that for you. But I’ll send you an email right now with some additional information. Thanks.

Ben @bgromicko1 I just got it (been super busy). Thanks once again.

Stay safe.

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