erosion under slab

just looking for some thought on this one. 1978 townhouse condo, water heater started leaking (stuck t.p.r.) god knows when, they attached a garden hose to the t.p.r. and ran that into a sump.(no pump) the constant water running (til plumber got there in 2 days) eroded about 2 cubic feet of soil under the slab, and under the footing. i recomended a foundation specialist, but thought i’d share.:mrgreen:

100_0793 (Small).JPG

100_0790 (Small).JPG

They took a short-term plumbing issue and created a long-term structural issue. Overachievers!

That is a thin slab… I thought the basement floor should be thicker than that.

Overachievers, I like that.

Jason. the slab was only that thin at the edge of the cut. which usualy happens when someones afraid to cut too deep and not knowing how deep not to cut, they make a fairly deep score (maybe 1.5’’ or 2’’) then a few well placed wacks with a 20lb sledge and just like on C.S.I. the “exit” wound is larger than the enterance. Or just a piss poor…pour. it was built in 1978, slab likely poured on a friday.