Even more disturbing hvac story

I had an HVAC guy who worked on my mothers home and found a weird problem ( I posted about) come to my home to service my boiler and we got to talking about CO.

It seems he was just at a persons home in Elmwood park ,a few blocks from mine. While servicing the mans furnace he found a crack in the heat exchanger.
he told the client and the client refused to take action, signed a waiver.
As a matter of fact, he didn’t have CO detectors in place, and there were barbie dolls all over the basement.

This client was selling the home and was trying to keep it hush hush. despicable to say the least, wouldn’t you agree?

The good part of this story is that, despite not being able to take action, the HVAC guy decided to write in sharpie inside the furnace " heat exchanger is cracked" and drew an arrow pointing to it.

I liked that.

Good tech!

I am thinking we will start to see many new laws come about as this inspection field grows and people start to really understand the big picture.

I still worry about whoever bought some houses that my clients ran from…
One of the scariest ones actually was a nice looking custom house about 25 years old that someone might skip an inspection on, it could cave in if the edge of a CMU block cracks where a large beam is barely resting. There should be a way to register these houses to prevent anyone from selling them until they are fixed.

That is a great idea— i wish we could do it.