Ever seen one of these?

This has got to be at least 30 years old and in perfect working order. Any ideas on the brand? Mor-Sun. Built like a tank and can’t find anything on the net about them or there history.

1316 F Ave NW Cedar Rapids 032.JPG

1316 F Ave NW Cedar Rapids 032.JPG

1316 F Ave NW Cedar Rapids 033.JPG

Thet were being advertised in 1950…

See page 124 bottom right:



How do you know it was in perfect working order?

The list would be long. I appreciate the advertisement. Could you share how you cam across it? I Googled it and got nothing…forget it I see you googled it under google books.


Being old and pressed steel could create potential problems with even the pristine lookers.

You bet! The furnace was funtioning properly at the time of the inspection and the buyer was advised to have bi-annual inspections by their local HVAC professional and budget for future replacement.:wink:

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

I know the name…But we are not related :wink: