Exam Pass Rate

The Entrance Inspector Exam pass ratio for InterNACHI is … 39%

The TREC Professional Inspector Exam - first time pass ratio is … 37%
(see page bottom page 5)

Just about the same ratio. :slight_smile:

About a year ago, it had been posted that NACHI pass rate was about 29%, so there’s been some change, John!

Does the 39% include existing inspectors taking the test every year? That would account for a spike up although I would imagine it to be even higher. I take it every once in while just for giggles like other Im sure.

John, I don’t think you can properly compare those two statistics. The 39% iNACHI exam pass rate is that of every Tom, Dick or Harry that has a whim to take the test. Many, and I would say most, do not have any formal HI training prior to taking the test and it, of course, is not proctored and is not psychometrically valid. The much more complex, difficult, psychometric, proctored TREC exam comes only after 180-448 hours of classroom training, depending upon the path taken to get there. The 37% pass rate of that test is a testament to the quality of student and/or an indictment of the training.

I know it is hard to compare the two… but I thought it was interesting.

I do find that quite interesting John. Even if we have a bit of plus or minus spread it is still a neat stat.