Existing Home Sales Hit One-Year High in September

Some good news for most everyone, hope the trend continues… :smiley:

Existing Home Sales Hit One-Year High in September


Well what do you expect with historically low and artificial interest rates and loosening lending standards?

Will TPTB ever learn?

This will not end well because it can’t.

Seems like the “nice” part is counter-balanced by a “not so nice” part to me.


Those figures will be revised in a month or two, or after the elections. Most of those sales listed are for investors, sales from bank to bank, or other forms of “home sales”. IMO, they take the areas that have higher sales, and average them. The states/areas that sales decrease, they do not get figured into the equation. Remember, anyone can say anything at any time, and publish any figure they want. It does not mean it’s true.

Still doing great in the Cincinnati market.