Expansion tank question

Does every water heating device have to have an expansion tank?

Expansion tanks are required on closed systems to absorb pressure.

In some areas check valves are being installed between the service pipe to the house and the meter which effectively makes it a closed system.

agreed. so forced water, but not steam heat, the steam escapes negating the need for expansion of the system.

When I sold my last house the home inspector called out that an expansion tank was needed on my water heater. I had just arrived home and was passing through the kitchen on the way outside to feed the horses when I heard this.

I stopped and turned around and politely said, “excuse me? an expansion tank?” “Why yes. It is required on all water heaters”, he says.

I said, “please follow me”. We walked through the pantry where the water heater was located, and into the adjoining closet / furnace room. There on the opposite side of the wall from my water heater stands my 6 foot tall, big, blue, 80 gallon well pressure tank. Oops. :roll: