exploding kitchen flood llight

We were minding our own business in the kitchen and glass exploded all over the floor. The glass came from one of our flood lights in the kitchen. A Great Value BR 30 flood light. The silver part is still in the socket. Has anyone else had this problem??


Did you splash water on it?

First I’ve heard about an incident as you have described. But this may help you…

file your notification/complaint with

file your notification/complaint with

**safety precaution to remove the lamp base from fixture **
from your post follow #2 and wear eye protection when working overhead

After making sure the power is off, use a potato or carrot to take out the base.

Many broom sticks fit well.

Happens some times. Hopefully no one was injured.

I have used an opened needle nose plier. With insulated grips :slight_smile:

Was this a halogen energy saver light?

BTW, great value only looks like a great value while in store. After that not so much.

I would not advise a guest user (or anyone else not qualified enough) to be sticking vegetables in the bulb socket.
What if you have a miswired fixture where the neutral is switched instead of the hot?
What if they throw the wrong breaker handle, thinking that they now killed the power to the circuit?
They wouldn’t know unless they had a tick tester.
With a switched neutral, you might think the light is off, but the socket is still hot. You stick anything in there, and the results might be shocking; No pun intended.

Thanks for your education.
So vegetables are out.
I think a brisket would be AOK.

Yes, used more than once. Insert and pull open and uncsrew, works great.

Potatoes and carrots are full of water. Not a great idea, IMO.

Use another light bulb instead. Just put the socket of the new one up in the socket of the old broken one (it won’t thread in) The trick is not to press too hard, just enough pressure to “grip”. One turn out, half a turn back in, until it’s out. Keep the old socket “loose” in the fixture.

This has never not worked for me, and is safer than vegetables and pliers. :cool:


I don’t think I would buy such a specialty tool for something that’s only happened to me 2 or 3 times in my life. But good idea.

If you have high ceiling like I do you need the set with a pole anyway.

Its a package deal. :smiley:

Then I got cheated. That didn’t come with my package. :mad:

He says “just shove it up in there”.
There’s goes my brisket idea.

I would not advise anyone to insert vegetables into a bulb socket, or any place else for that matter…
Not unless you test the socket with a known working tick tester.