Extech i5

Hey does anyone have or using this model?

I was thinking it is fairly new and likely a scaled down B40.

You can’t beat the price at $3000.

Depending how you want to use it.

Be careful, I think this is the cheapest (cost and functions) they can make for our profession.

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Thanks Mario,

I was sucker for punishment so I read the entire 5 pages. This thread was actually a Fluke vs. Extech debate though. I was really looking for i5 owner feedback but nothing really found.

Amongst the debating I was able to find out Fluke offers better resolution and a slightly larger display but less temperature accuracy. The Extech allows you to adjust the emissivity something that Fluke left out of their entry level camera.

Does anyone have and use the i5?



The i5 is not designed for home inspectors; it is primarily used by remediators to locate areas with moisture or water intrusion. Stay away from the i5, for your purposes I would consider a Flir b50 b60 or the BCAM-SD. Don’t let the initial low cost of the i5 entice you.


You might also want to consider getting level I training before purchasing a camera. Normally people buy cameras for one application only, and find after training, that there are many more applications that can be filled by infrared. I find, especially in the home inspection business, that you will not be a home inspector that does infrared. Rather, a thermographier and a home inspector (2 businesses)

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Good advice Jason!

That’s great advice, thanks Mario and Jason.

Admittedly I have used various kinds of thermal measurement but not IR Thermography.

Basically the first step is to get some education before I buy anything. Where can I take the level I course without a camera?


I would contact Will Decker and ask him if he still has copies of the IR power point he made a couple of years ago. I did and took it to staples and had them print it out in color and put it a three ring binder. I used this invaluable reference book when I took ITCs Building Science class and it’s still in my library today.


The i5 is a great camera but NOT for buildings. I have used it extensively along with all other models in the marketplace so this opinion is based on my experience and 25 years in the world of infrared.

Fluke vs. FLIR? There are models on both sides that work brilliantly for buildings. There are also other manufacturers with excellent products.

Where can you learn more? We offer a number of On Line, On Demand sessions (for a fee) that can get you started including one on how to buy an infrared camera. We also often have folks attend our 32-hour Level I course who are “shopping” and come to look at what is available. Because we don’t sell or promote any single brand, we are able to speak honestly about all products; we also have a number of systems that various manufacturers have loaned to us for us in the courses so you can actually try many of them.

For more details about our work, please view our website at


. If I can be of assistance to you directly, feel free to call me.

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I can get you the FLUKE TiR for the lowest price in the USA.
I do not sell the camera, but this price if for my students.
For just a little more, you will have a much better IR camera,
than the i5, for home inspections and energy audits.

Our infrared course is the official InterNACHI INFRARED CERTIFIED
course that is designed for home inspectors and contractors.

Our course is endorsed by numerous IR camera manufacturers,
state home inspector boards and several home inspector

See our web site for details… http://www.infrared-certified.com
2 day class - $500 plus… $100 off InterNACHI newal fees.

Take our webinar - teleconference class from your own home.

John McKenna - InterNACHI Staff

Thanks everyone for your help and guidance. This is a one of the best message boards for advice.

I have done 2 of those free on-line courses. They were interesting but just scratched the surface.

Sounds like the best thing is to go to a course which has the different models to see the pros and cons of each. In the mean time I will seek out any free course or material so I have a basic understanding.

I consider it a tool but a very necessary investment in this business. I believe it will open up a lot of other doors for me.


If you are doing home inspections, Johns course is really good. After that I would highly recommend taking a level I class through Snell, Infraspection or FLIR ICT before buying a camera. Out of those three, you need to realize that one is going to be a little camera bias. Their training is awesome, but just realize the bias fact.

Many people buy a camera before training, then realize there are a ton of applications that their camera does not meet. Many of those people end up, upgrading cameras in a very short amount of time from their initial camera purchase.

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I just got off the fence myself and bought a Flir B-cam SD. I think it compares favorably over the Extech. Flir reps don’t recommend the Extech for home inspection because its resolution is low. I found my B-cam here: http://www.tequipment.net/
for $3450!


Very nice price.

BCAM SD at $3150 for NACHI Members.

If you want to wait for about a year, there will be a new player in this field. Did some consulting with the manufacturer, they asked my opinion of features and we hashed it around for a day. Due for sale in early 2010. Can’t tell you the name (they asked me not to), but the camera will have all the cool features that we use and have a price point around $2,500 - $3000.

When I initially bought one, the plain B-Cam was selling for $7,995 and now they are around $3000. It does not help to be on the “bleeding edge”.

Hope this helps;

of corse they dont recomend them… It’s thier competition…!

But Price is a huge diqualifyer for most… it is for me…

I’m working on a deal to get the Extech I5 for $2500 ea, but I have to buy 6 of them to get that discount… any one interested? email me txsim@yahoo.com ASAP