Exterior Design Institute (EDI) course Norfolk, VA, Nov 28-Dec 2, 2012.

Thanks Nick. I planned on attending but I didn’t know about the InterNACHI discount.

InterNACHI and EDI are basically sister orgs.

Thanks for getting the special discount for InterNACHI members who want to earn their EDI certification!

I have taken numerous EIFS and stucco classes; EDI’s live seminar is the one class that gives a home inspector the tools needed to go beyond a home inspection and do a full exterior envelop inspections.

The course addresses the systems and components you will need to know about in order to perform a full EIFS, stucco, manmade stone, natural stone as well as the methodology for all other types of exterior wall cladding inspections.

The course also addresses ICF, vinyl and cement board siding, masonry, sealants, flashings, windows, building wraps, proper moisture management systems and moisture intrusion inspections.

I plan on attending and will be teaching a few segments of the class; I hope that all InterNACHI members will look me up when at the EDI class.

Ron Huffman, EDI #CO-002