Exterior pictures of CMU in Florida

Does anyone have some pictures of CMU house’s being built in Florida in various stages of construction right upuntil the stucco is being applied?


They need your self sticking BLUESKIN down there! imo

What is wrong with just good old TAR PAPER-----:twisted:

And a FLASHING-BREAK----:twisted:

To easy! ](,) ](,) ](,) ](,) :freaked-:

Well I will tell ya Carl—:D----:lol:

It makes me sick, there is no such thing as a carpenter here that I know of, someone who can build a home which does not leak.

All it takes is common sense, tar paper, and homemade flashing, installed correctly…no need for all the fancy, mancy, moisture barriers, etc.

Don’t even need caulk if it’s built correctly.

all of that takes time most of these guys are not willing to give…there is no accountability anymore with 6 month home warranties and 12 billion subs on every project they just need to play pass the buck for a few months and they are home free…off putting up another shack for some other poor sucker
who doesn’t know any better…

CMU ?:cyclops:



No one has any pictures of phase inspections?

One of the 3-4 realtors that recommend me here states frequently (he has ~30 years in the industry):
“All houses in Nova Scotia leak somewhere.”

I use that phrase in my self-generated “MOISTURE” appendix. This area has horizontal rain driven rains fairly regularly from fall through to spring


With the moisture moving to the cool side of the wall how can they not have moisture barrier on the CMU and not expect problems?

With all the joint cracks in the CMU.

Let alone the HVAC and the vacum it creates.

When poorly designed or executed!! (usually a lot of the time)