Exterior Sewer Vent Pipe/Stack vs. AAV's..Lets get this straight once and for all

Lets get this straight once and for all.
You can’t just use AAV’s everywhere without having one vent pipe/stack to the exterior…OK?

"Because the AAV will not provide relief of positive pressures, there are certain installation requirements specified in the International Plumbing Code (IPC) to relieve positive pressure. The one open pipe vent required on every building drainage system in section 918.7 of the IPC and section P3114.7 of the International Residential Code (IRC), Vent Required, and section 904.1 of the IPC and section P3102.1 of the IRC, Required Vent Extension, mandates that at least one vent pipe shall extend to the outdoors to relieve the system’s positive pressure. "

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Sure, who told you at least one isn’t required :smiley:

Here is a better question, Roy, how large does that one opening have to be :slight_smile: Can it be 1" or how about 1/2"

Several inspectors have told me you can use AAV’s exclusively.

“how large does that one opening have to be :slight_smile: Can it be 1” or how about 1/2"

That is for you to find out.

I believe it is min. 3" through the roof to the outside.

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We’re sending you to CE :slight_smile: Roy posted cheat link above.

PS: just pulling your leg, we love you!

Will CE hurt or will a bandaid be sufficient? :thinking:

What the heck is CE?

CE = Continuing Education. Yes, Larry, it could hurt a bit :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I thought you were referring to something about plumbing.

I think it means Continuing Education.

I guess I should scroll down more before I answer, Huh? :smile:

Looks like one of my participation ‘awards’.

Some people say 1 1/2 then increase it to 3" before going through the roof.

I say 3" continuous from the main drain.

As you quoted, at least ONE.

Thank you, Michael… 3". :smile: