exterior wall flashing question

The darker brown brick is flashed but not the window section , and there is the question of all that condensate from window units.

How should I write this if at all.?

1968 vintage.

DSC01314 (Small).JPG

DSC01317 (Small).JPG

DSC01384 (Small).JPG

I’d bet there is moisture intrusion above all those windows Bob…!!—:shock:

It is a crappy rehab to be honest.

What would you write though?

How do I know it should have flashing or weeps?

Those AC units should of been plumbed so the condensation is drained to something beside running directly out of the units…like a waste drain.

I cannot see the windows good enough to comment from the pictures, and you probably couldn’t either even being there.

Probably the best thing to say is if the building was built today, there would be many things built differently, and it’s a little late now without major changes made. What is known today about moisture intrusion was not really an architects concern in 1968, but is today.

If you have any illustrations for window brick flashing, put one in the report also Bob.

Yeah , I just worry with this and other lack of improvement at this rehab , which almost seems like a no fix and flip.

They are selling units that were rental with little more than a little paint.

Roof is what looks to be around 10 years old

I did already mention the recessed casements.

Thanks for the help , as it was not a commercial (just Condo )inspection , but I try and look the whole building over as a general comment for the client when I can.


Believe me I do the same thing because their one unit in a big building makes no difference to me either Bob, I try to explain like you did the best I possibly can with all things considered…everyone is probably paying an association fee so it’s a good idea to look at the whole package. I agree…seems you did the best you could though.

Thanks, though it points out I still need to learn more on flashing ,and how it relates to older buildings.

I bet we all could use more knowledge in that area.

Even with newer buildings. Bob

Carl, I agree ,but with older buildings it is more difficult to determine where flashing should be retro fit , if at all.

Sure you can look for past problems, but in a case like this where new drywall is in place it is hard to determine.

What would you say about the AC through wall units?

Looks like they have been in use since 68.Yet you see the staining and wonder about intrusion.

A new building, we know where weeps should be.

Would it be wrong to recomend retro sill pans and an IR inspection.

It is not just condensation that is staining the wall the dirt and crud from the units washing out is alot of it. And even more so with wind drivin rain into the units.

As Dale said is there problems at the heads of the windows under the units?

Only saw one and there is old flaking paint between the blinds and window molding.
Did not see a sign of present moisture intrusion as the flaking was from that area never being scraped and painted by inadequate painters.

Sure I could recommend an IR scan everywhere I go , but I am not in that business and do not suggest it everywhere as the guys whom invested in this equiptment might.

I refer IR when I have a very good reason to suspect, however as stated this was a small Condo Inspection.