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I am new to the christmas party, so new I was in the wrong part of the forum celebrating the Nachi Christmas:


#ShameOnTheMarketing #AnyConsolationGifts?

I dont have nothing to give so I would like your facebook page if you post your facebook link in this post. I appriciate it if you like my facebook page back.

Thank you all, Merry Christmas!!!


I was there with you, sure wasn’t explained very well.

Got your page, good luck on your home inspector career :smiley:

Glad your here now, got you liked!

Done. Liked personally and as our page www.facebook.com/homecert

My wife and I both liked your page, Ramon.

Mine is https://www.facebook.com/UCHomeInspection

Merry Christmas!


Yes, we have to let Ben know, for next year,but is all good, now we are here and we created a mini passy. (hopefully i spell that right)

Facebook Like

Thank you Jay + wife!!!

My Christmas Present is still going, no limit.
Now that I won the pass for the Inspection Universe conference i am in a even more "like"able mood.

So far I have liked already 10+ pages. Lets make it 100 “liked” pages.

I liked your as well

Liking everyone’s I see

Count me in too.

For anyone that wants to trade likes. Thanks!

I “Liked” many of you. Greg, I love your van! What a great first impression.

I love this synergy, all nachi inspectors should like all nachi inspectors FB Page. Lets help each other out!!!


Best Online “Merry Christmas” Party ever! (in full disclosure, also my first one but still freaking awesome!)

I was wondering why there is only four or five of us there.