Family having health issues

Could this be the problem…:shock:

This has been going on for several years…its no wonder they are sick.

535 St. Stevens Church Rd. (parsonage) 092.JPG

535 St. Stevens Church Rd. (parsonage) 098.JPG

535 St. Stevens Church Rd. (parsonage) 102.JPG

Looks nasty…where’s all the moisture coming from Jeffery?

The moisture is coming from improper grading around the foundation, gutters without turnouts, and washbox on the septic system that is overflowing and not properly draining. I literally lifted the cover and soil up off the ground by 6 inches.

I estimate that there is at least $15,000.00 worth of structural damage to the band joists and floor system alone.

Sad fact is that the pastor (parsonage) has been telling the church that they need to take care of it for years. The pastor will be moving onto her next assignment and simply wanted the new pastor to be informed as to what they will be moving into…however they did not know the extent of the problems.

Her family doctor advised her that their son has a spot on his lungs that they are investigating…the location of the fungi is under where her son sleeps as well as
under their master bedroom.

Her husbands has the classic signs of fungi related health issues…memory loss, headaches, breath problems, hypersensitivity, flu like symptoms, etc.

The whole family has breathing problems ever since they moved into the home…especially during rainy weather.

Usually crawlspaces do not bother me but my eyes were itching and I was coughing when I came out of the crawlspace…and I was wearing a mask (N95) and overalls.

I looked at some of her shoes that were in the closet…they had mildew on same.

I showed her the pictures at which time she contacted her district supervisor about what they can do for her. I really feel for the family…I personally would not stay in there another day considering the health problems they have had. I think they are going to try and make some arrangements in the next few days if not sooner.

She asked that I send my report to the district supervisor as well.
The church leadership definitely screwed up on this one…can you say negligence.