FetchReport Questions for NIck

I don’t. I think nearly everyone understands exactly what it is.

Wendy, I think nearly everyone understands exactly what it is. Do you have a specific question I can answer that would help you understand?

Well, I’m going to reference at least one person’s quote for an example:

I still don’t get it but Nick will explain it as it comes to pass. I always was a little slow ( Little?? )

Henry Valenzano CMI (Hank)
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Then I wrote what I thought it was, but then you never confirmed if I was right in post #18. Was I correct in post #18?

Wendy, so you don’t have a specific question?

Yes, was the way I explained the concept correct or not? You said you thought I was the only one who didn’t understand it. I think I may be one of the ones who does understand it. Hank says he doesn’t. So maybe you could tell me if I do, and explain it for Hank?

Nick: I get the Fetchreport deal but I do have a few questions.

  1. Who is going to upload the report for potential buyers? The inspector or the foreclosure co.? I am going to assume that the Foreclosure co. will re-upload the report and provide the email addresses of their potential buyers after receiving their $15 or whatever they are going to charge.

  2. When can we expect these foreclosure inspections to start and how will they be devided out to local NACHI inspectors?

  3. If the foreclosure co. has full access to upload reports, who is going to police them so that they dont hire Non NACHI inspectors and upload their reports?

Thanks ahead of time.

So when we download the reports into the FetchReport system so that we can use it for free, have we basically “sold” the rights to them at that time, so that they can be sold over and over again for that $15 dollar fee to realtors etc. and whoever is going to be making money off of them? Is that the great deal and all? We give them up for free, and someone else makes money off of them?

It would be like you do a prelisting inspection for a seller…u charge $300 he would then turn around and charge any buyer interested $15 to look at a copy of the report…which inturn would help the seller recupe some of his 300 back if not all or more…I believe the idea is we would get more prelisting inspections because the sellers would be getting them paid for by the potential buyers. Thank of it as a rebate…the seller might pay 300 to 500 for an inspection but he may recupe 100 to 200 of it back… the foreclosure co. is the one that will really benefit from this more so than an individual seller.

Did I explain this better Nick?

Did this help Wendy?

Yes I do understand that better, and I don’t remember seeing it explained like that anywhere Mike thank you.

Where would we be able to learn if this is ethical or not for certain and make sure we weren’t doing something illegal or anything according to our state law, and national laws?

Would we give up all right to the copyright of the report at that point then?

It will be the same thing as if you did an inspection for a seller. They would set the inspection on the table for all that look at the home to see. The only difference is that the report will be on the internet for all to see. More exposure to a larger audience. Once you get paid for an inspection you give up the rights to your report to whom ever pays you anyway. they can do almost anything they want except change it. Sounds straight forward to me. I just want to know if i can charge more because of the larger audience.

??? Ethical? You would be doing an inspection just like you are doing now. Illegal? You do have a business license or state license? You would be doing an inspection just like you are doing now. If you are not licensed through your state then yes it probably be illegal.

Does this mean this person is in charge of this. I have a hard time trusting any thing he is part of because he makes a statement then deletes it.

Here’s a copy of bhumphries’s reply:

I have not been given the go-ahead from our attorneys to discuss price yet.

Would yuou pay someone who was attempting to sell you their house $15 to view an Inspection Report? I wouldn’t, if the person wants to sell his home to me and advertises that he has had a Home Inspection and that all repairs have been made, then I’d expect him to show it to me, not sell it to me. An Investor looking at foreclosures that he cannot view personally may pay, but a normal home buyer would simply ask the Listing Agent for a copy of the Report.

If you have a website it would not be that difficult to modify it so that Pre Listing Reports could be viewed there from a link provided by your local realtor, an incentive for sellers to purchase your Inspection Services.

If I’m on the Web searching for a Home in Bakersfield, I am searching a local market, yours. Wouldn’t it be better for you as an Inspector there to have me directed to your Website instead of FetchReport’s? I may not purchase the Home you Inspected, I wouldn’t hire you, as the Sellers Inspector even if I did, but I may like your report and hire you to inspect the property I do buy. That’s the idea behind FetchReport, but why do you need them, your market is local, not national, so is that of your local Realtors.

Unless there is some way that FetchReport is going to direct PreListing Inspections to your business, then it does nothing that you cannot do yourself, directing potential clients to your site, not someone elses.

Nick has yet to explain just how he is going to direct “Every” listing in the World to only NACHI Inspectors, what’s to prevent the “Evil Ones”:stuck_out_tongue:
in ASHI from using the same service?

I’d like to know who besides Nick, is behind FetchReport, the more questions that are asked, and the less that are answered directly, the more question arise, I’ve yet to see a really straight answer from Nick even for the most simple questions members have asked. That makes me wonder.

I’m also like Henry, if certain people are involved, then I have many, many more questions.


I agree with you 100% about local individual sellers and agents but a lender/foreclosure co. with listings all over North america this would be a benefit to them with inspection reports for all thier listings in one spot no matter who inspects them. In return we get paid to perform inspections on their foreclosure listings.

Granted they may have local agents to represent them but with an agreement that they use this system and NACHI inspectors (hopefully).

Henry, No. Late last night I was doing tech support. I was helping Robert Humphries get on the message board. His username and password wasn’t working so I created a new member Bob Humphries and tested it for him. Then Chris jumped in and fixed Robert Humphries, but while working on his problem I accidentally forgot I was logged in as Bob Humphries (Robert Humphries temporary alias). So it was me who was trying to say that I have some Antitrust concerns about fee setting.

Wendy, there have been some tricky-thinking inspectors who copyright each report and then lease it to their clients so that it is never their client’s property, but that doesn’t accomplish anything in terms of liability limitation because a client can sue an inspector for providing a bad inspection information regardless of how it was delivered and regardless of who actually owns the document itself. One can just as easily limit the use of one’s document by sales agreement (the pre inspection agreement) as one can in a lease agreement. A seller’s inspection report is obviously going to be shared by the seller with potential buyers.

Lewis, FetchReport (like www.IAC2.org and www.InspectorPAGES.com and www.OverSeeIt.com, etc.) is for NACHI members exclusively.

Thats a RED box for Chris

It was late. I hate working the graveyard, tech support shift.

You need to publish something on the NACHI website that will explain how all this is going to work Nick, every time you post I, and others. have more questions. So far I haven’t seen anything that an individual inspector couldn’t do himself, I hadn’t thought of the yard sign idea though, but again I could do that myself and direct potential clients directly to MY website instead FetchReports.