In 2018 InterNACHI will be offering all of N. America free home inspections forever.

In 2018, InterNACHI will be offering free home inspections on all homes for sale in the U.S. and Canada. The way it works is we are going to hire InterNACHI members to inspect the homes for sale for free (InterNACHI members get their full fee immediately) The homeowner has to have their listing agent post a link to the inspection report on their website which any and all interested homebuyers can download for $39. If the consumer puts an offer in on the house and it is accepted, they get their $39 refunded. InterNACHI is the inspector’s client so there is zero liability to the inspector. Each home will also come with a free “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee.


Sounds pretty “too good to be true”. I may have to come out of retirement for this….

Does this mean the Inspector will not need to carry insurance ???

$49 any size home??

Ooops $39 any size home.

It’s priced per report, not per home!

I see this becoming a big game changer. I get the concept but think once we go down this road we are forever selling reports for $39.00

Good for Internachi I guess, not so sure how this will affect individual inspectors. It will water down the profession and some individuals will do very well not being a “McDonalds Hamburger Inspector”. Most will be delegated to being told how to run their business by whoever is running this program.

Why would anyone pay $39.00 when only one person can buy the report and share it?

That was my sarcastic font… just seems like an acceleration of the race to the bottom to me at this point.

The way this is structured, these are pre-listing inspections?
The “We’ll Buy Your Home” guarantee goes to the purchaser - is that cost covered by Inachi?
Who determines which inspector gets hired to inspect any given home?
Who determines the fee for the inspection?
Who administers the program?

If I’m getting this right, a potential homebuyer pays $39 to view the inspection report. Let’s say it’s for a $390 inspection (to keep the math simple), I’m assuming that Inachi pays the inspector and is counting on 10 - $39 downloads to break even, and anything beyond that is profit for Inachi?
Does the buyer reserve the right to have their own inspection?

Oh boy, I’m sure I can come up with a couple dozen mor questions, but Where do I sign up?

Ok, Frank. My bad!

The “Buy Back” offering must not be generating enough revenue for Nick.
What’s next (in one-two years) when this “offering” fizzles out?

Exactly. I can’t see how this new venture will turn out good for home inspectors in general.

I wonder if Nick is teaming up with Porch to kick this off?

This could be neat, but it also beings up a ton of questions:

  1. Now that Nick owns a stake in Porch, is this not an attempt by Porch to collect data on which homes need what repairs?

  2. Who chooses the inspector? The agent, home owner or Nachi?

  3. If I sell this concept to an agent, what guarantee do I have that the i get the job and that it’s not routed to another InterNACI inspector?

  4. Doesn’t this dilute the work by spreading it around to do different NACHI inspectors rather than those who spend the time marketing?

  5. What are the terms of payment to the inspector? Time of inspection? Net 30? At closing?

  6. How are home sellers protected, and how is NACHI protected, from terrible inspectors who are NACHI certified? (they do exist).

  7. Doesn’t this give the large mutl-inspector firms the ability to push out the one man shops?

  8. Why would an agent choose this option over paying me directly and allowing my report to be viewed any one they wish?

  9. Doesn’t this cut into my ability to sell pre-listing inspections, and the marketing and good will that comes from buyers seeing my report without them having to pay for it?

  10. How the heck does the Buy Back work with this given you have always said Buy Back does NOT apply to pre-lisint inspections???

Sure would be nice to know the answers to the questions posed above… They are among the same questions I have.

  1. Nothing to do with Porch. And BTW: Porch didn’t buy InterNACHI, I bought a piece of them. Eventually we’re going to use Porch to pump consumer construction project leads into . But again that has nothing to do with this.

  2. InterNACHI is the client. The buyer can then hire whomever they want when they get their own inspection. You do realize this doubles the number of inspections in North America?

  3. You won’t have to. Free inspections? Word will spread on its own.

  4. That’s true with anything. If you market the idea that every home should have a radon test, another home inspector who offers radon testing benefits from your efforts.

  5. Just like our Owens Corning program: . Immediate direct deposit.

  6. No one is ever really safe from everything in business. Business is about risk. If the profits generated from taking the risks are greater than the costs of managing those same risks… do it.

  7. Nope. Did push out one-man operations?

  8. Agents rarely pay for inspections. It would take an Act of God to get agents to start paying for inspections to that home buyers would have more information about the homes they are looking at.

  9. No, it paves the way for the adoption of programs like

  10. We already offer the Buy Back program on listings all the time. Works great.

Answered. Ian knows me. A list of numbered questions is irresistible. :wink:

Steve get me the answers & I’ll consider them for QOTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sign me up

The Buy Back program doesn’t generate any revenue for me. It can’t.

Did online education “fizzle out?” (launched another free course this month). Did our House of Horrors Complexes fizzle out? (we’re building a third already). Did the Buy Back program fizzle out? (buying 2 more homes this month).

How about with instant direct deposit plus $3/download at the end of the month?