Final gifts. EVERY InterNACHI Members wins. Party is over. Merry Christmas everyone

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Merry Christmas everyone.


thanks nick. Merry Christmas

A fun event

Merry Christmas to all!

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Thank you to all of the InterNACHI staff! you are awesome!

Thank you all and Happy Holidays!

Good times Nick. I’ve participated in this “party” for Many years and this is by far the longest. It’s nice to see you stretch it out to give more Inspectors a chance to win, especially the newer guys/gals, instead of a few winning the majority of prizes.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow! What a party, thank you Nick and staff!!

Thank you Nick and staff for all that you do and another amazing party.

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi Nick,
Donated yesterday and it never gave an option to list you business.

Done! Thank you so much! This was my 1st year participating

You can just email and she’ll display as you like.

Thanks Nick,
And thanks again for the Awesome party!!

Rick Hunt
ILLIANA Home Inspections LLC