Fire break between Garage and Dwelling.?

Home built in 1996. Original construction. COE issued. No changes since 1st sale. Nothing mentioned 12 years ago when client bought home from previous inspector. This is a pre-sale inspection for current home owner.

2 car attached garage with a partition wall between the two stalls. One side (with entrance door to dwelling) has drywall on a partition wall between stalls. There is a fire door between the partitions but no fire door for dwelling entrance door. OSB on one side common to dwelling. Other side unfinished drywall to 10 feet but not on attic are. One side open to attic. Also attic floor and partial sides added with access from master bathroom through a hollow core customized door.

2016-03-02 10.26.10.jpg

2016-03-02 10.26.10.jpg

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2016-03-02 10.37.55.jpg

2016-03-02 10.38.03.jpg

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I am not sure what your asking, but I inform the seller I write my inspection reports as if they were the buyer. I would just state what the current construction standards require… You fill in the blank. Then I recommend upgrading as a safety improvement.

Although in may not have been required at the time this house was built it is common building practice today that the living space is separated from the garage by a separation-wall that extends from the floor to the roof or if the wall and ceiling material within the garage is fire-rated, taped and sealed, the separation-wall can terminate at the ceiling. In garages that have access to the attic, a hatch cover made from an approved, fire-rated material should protect this access at all times along with hardware to maintain it in a closed position. Consider upgrading for safety reasons.

It’s a safety issue, I write em up and if they want to change it fine, if not fine. See it a lot out in the small rural unincorporated towns around here, no codes or AHJ to check anything.

It was required 16 years before it was built. This is the sucky job of a well informed HI. “Why wasn’t this caught before now?”