Fire Inspections

Do you know of any info for the following?

How to inspect a home that has had a fire.

Narratives about fire findings

Is your question for a home that you were inspecting where you found fire damage or were you contacted by a client or insurance company to inspect the property after a fire…for occupancy?

I am doing research for my report narratives to be prepared for the, fire house.

Ok…I was curious if you had an issue with a current home and had some specific questions that I may be able to help you with as I have been doing fire investigations for over 17 years. I do not have any specific narratives for you but if you had some questions about fire damage I would be happy to provide you with what I can.

I have done two home inspections where I came across previous fire damage. Both were in the attic and appeared to be old as some of the areas had new insulation over the affected areas. One home had trusses with char which I recommended to be certified by a structural engineer because of the heat damage to the gusset plates. The other home had minimal damage, light smoke staining to the rafters. I was comfortable with the integrity of that one. Most of the time the AHJ with have the local building inspector evaluate the structure and determine what needs to be corrected prior to reentry and occupancy after a fire.

FYI: if you ever see painted roof or floor framing it may be part of the remediation for fire, smoke or mold damage. I have run into this several times where nothing was disclosed by the seller only to find out the home suffered fire damage during the previous ownership. If you want email me and I will send you some fire narratives that I put together. As a firefighter for the past 20 years and watching homes being repaired after fires, it isn’t very often an architect or engineer is called in during remediation to design the repair.
You should make a note that the buyer should seek out all permits and inspections for the damage repairs.