Firefighters Win - Builders Lose, in Kansas

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In a rare decision to favor the consumer’s best interest over a powerful lobby, the Kansas legislature actually is supporting sprinklers.

The house is debating a motion to reconsider this bill as we speak.
Proponets for this bill want to claim that this provides greater “freedom”.
I guess you are free to die when the neighbor in the duplex burns you up.
**Motion passed 59 to 58 to reconsider **The motion to pass the bill 64 to 55 It will go to final action tomorrow

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I don’t understand - how is this a good thing?
If you want to put sprinklers in your house, then it’s your decision, not the Government’s or a firefighter’s.
If your insurance company want to charge you higher rates if you don’t have sprinklers, then that’s between you and them isn’t it?
If you don’t want to live on a house that doesn’t have sprinklers, then don’t buy one.
If you don’t want to live in a multi-family dwelling that doesn’t have sprinklers, then move into one that does.
If firefighters are concerned about their own safety, then either:
A. They shouldn’t be firefighters, or
B. They should refuse to go into a structure that doesn’t have sprinklers. (which of course they can’t do, because they are paid with money stolen from people who may not have a sprinkler system, which brings us back to A.)
Shouldn’t this type of thing be dictated by consumer demand instead of Government edict?

Just another area for government to govern. It will not be long when you will have to have a license to mow your own grass, and paint your own home. I believe there is a term for this form of government.

While I agree with most everything you say I find your argument uninformed and inflamatory. Speaking as a volunteer fire fighter of which 80% of the fire fighters in the country are and not paid with money “stolen” from tax payers risk our lives for no compensation. More fire fighters are killed in residential fires than any other type of building. While it is true I don’t have to be a fire fighter; I like the vast majority of other fire fighters are compelled by a sense of duty and a commitment to serve our communities. We make calculated decisions and do everything to minimize our risk and none of us wants to die. Many people are killed in fires every year not by their on fault but because of circumtances beyond their control. We have a serial arsonist going on trial for the murder of two people while they slept. I have responded to fires that were set by a curious child with a lighter, a dryer that has caught fire and a neighbor lighting illegal fire works. This is not a big government thing but an insurance thing. Do you have a mandatory seat belt law where you live? That was pushed by the insurance lobby to mitigate their losses. All of the fires I have investigated an insurance agent was there or recieved a report and they have told me that fire suppresion system requirements was a priority on insurance companies “to do list”.
Blame whom ever you want but do not blame the men and women that risk their lives to protect yours.

Andrew -

Do you think all codes should be thrown out?

After all, who is the government (or any organization) to say what you sould have in your house.:shock:

If you want to blow dry your hair while showering, you should be able to put an outlet in your shower, right? :roll:

The fire service where I live is entirely voluntary - the definition of voluntary is: proceeding from the will or from one’s own choice or consent - so, I say again, if you don’t want to take the risk, then don’t be a fire fighter.
There will always be people who, one way or another, will be willing to pay for protection from fire.
If all of the fire fighters that serve my district decided to quit tomorrow, or if I were overly concerned with fire protection, I’d probably install a SPRINKLER SYSTEM in my house - but it would be my choice, not the Government’s.
Insurance companies use the force of Government to increase their customer base - it is a backwards system that reduces or eliminates competition and the insurance company’s responsibility to their customer. When the Government mandates insurance, but doesn’t mandate premiums, things start to get all out of whack. They should have left the whole mess alone to begin with.

Yes, they have completely eliminated pride in workmanship, and replaced it with 'doing the bare minimum to meet code".

Now you’re getting it.

Yep, it’s called ‘natural selection’…:mrgreen: