First 10 members from Quebec who post here get free marketing packs for agents.

Agents in Quebec get their continuing education online and for free thanks to you.

Shipping free too.

Kim will ship to first 10 members from Quebec who post here.

Merry Christmas.

The cards are in French, but we have English ones if you want those instead.

what!!! i’m here :slight_smile:

So, I guess I’m the first one to post.

I could use one of those french pack.

Merci…Joyeux noël à Nick, l’équipe d’InterNACHI et à tous mes confrères inspecteurs.

They might start rolling out now!

Best of the season to you members.
Nick, best wishes to yourself, Benjamin, Nickola and your extended family, all the InterNACHI homies:-)

While some may agree and others not, there seems to be a divide.
As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.
You can agree to disagree as professionals and businessmen, but there is one constant, we are all homies and our alma mater and gather place is here, the InterNACHI message board.

Quebec members, engage. The changes taking place in our province are for you.
It does not happen though silence, positioning and posturing.
I hope the message is heard.

Happy New Year everyone.

Happy to see you here Stephen.

Best wishes to you and your family Nick.

Glad to see another effort to strenghten inachi presence in the french speaking quebec! count me in!

I was born in Quebec… does that count!

The problem is see in using those cards in Quebec is that Realtor takes the continuing education course (English only) and then contacts Inspector for a Home Energy Report (audit).

Inspector tells Realtor that the Home Energy Report Software is for US only…

Realtor dumps Inspector.