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ClaimIntercept - Joe Ferry the Home Inspector Lawyer

10 left.

Chuck Evans
33606 Deer Creek Way
Stagecoach, TX 77355
(936) 522-8633

Thank You

Excellent offer Nick, Too bad I retired

Chuck wins. 9 left.

And a Happy New Year to you and all!

Thank you,

Marcel Gratton
368, rue De Rayol
Gatineau Quebec
Canada J8T8B1

Marcel wins. 8 left.

8 left.

Do I win?

Yes. Philo wins. 7 more.

I’ll gladly take one!

Thanks Nick and Joe!

Happy New Year Nick!

I hope I win!!!

Jay wins. 6 more.

Skyler wins. 5 more.

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We still have 5 more. Who wants them?

5 left.

I’ll take it

Thank you, thank you!

kmoseley wins. 4 more.