First 100 to participate in this focus group win...

The first 100 to participate in this focus group win paid supplies for life. This will generate multiple inspections for you.

Interested? Just agree to keep it a secret and email Peter Tafeen and ask him to email you the pdf explaining it.

He’ll then contact you to talk about it.

This is another “big one” !!!

We currently have but 18 participants. We need 82 more winners.

Don’t try to figure it all out now, just trust me on this one and participate in it. We need to know how inspectors see it. I need the data from 100 volunteers. If I get the deal done, those 100 winners will have free supplies for life.

What data is it you need from volunteers? What do you consider “supplies”? A little more detail might go a long way in getting the ***right ***volunteers.

New member here, Gary Pivato Cocoa Florida, what’s new and which software

Cocoa Florida.,32926

No Thanks,

This type stuff is a pure sham.

Ray writes:

Ray, can you explain why you have come to this conclusion? What is it exactly that makes you say this? You don’t think your clients would love it?

Brian writes:

The data I need is your opinions. Good and bad.

Hello, I will participate. AAA Coonsulting/Curtis Yost

My guess is the supplies are samples of what we are to sell door to door.

Uh, no. I wouldn’t waste all your time with crap. This thing is huge.

Send an e-mail to this Peter Tafeen?

I sent the email. About how long to get the top secret pdf?


Last question
Do we get a decoder ring?

I’d tell ya Bob, but then I’d have to…:wink:

Besides, you don’t need any more gadgets. :stuck_out_tongue:

So is it Nick? Maybe Peter Tafeen is a popular name… :neutral:


My e-mail was sent.

No you don’t get a decoder ring Bob. Sheesh…

Everything will take place in the “Cone of Silence”]( Your kit to assemble the “Cone” should arrive soon. I think Mike Larson is still in charge of shipping…:mrgreen:

I signed up the first time but never got the pdf. Can you send it to me?

It’s been nearly 6 years since I first spoke with Nick, and he’s never intentionally sent me on a goose chase.
I’m in.

I’m a new NACHI member so excuse me if I missed something…but why would anyone want to be involved in something they know NOTHING about that involves a KNOWN criminal?