First 100 to reply win this gift. Hurry.

One free hour in the Penn State football shower with coach Jerry Sandusky, while Joe Paterno sits by and watches for the police.

Double Pass

pass pass pass


LOL! (pass…)

Joe B wants to watch.

Does is come with soap?

I so Pass -on

Dave Range willowick ohio

its Christmas not April fools

Gerald Wilson Minneapolis, MN


but i will pass

Bob Elliott

Harwood Heights Il

Red flag. I want a review.

I pass but give it to you and your life partner/best friend Linas.:roll:
Not judging you.


I bet you enjoy that visual buddy.
Are you in the truck pooper right now?:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m too slow to win anything else so here’s one for the cause…


I thought Bob lived in Hardwood Heights. :mrgreen: